Lonsum was formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harrisons & Crosfield (H&C) which had been operating in Indonesia since 1906 in general trading and plantation management services. Prior to 1992, the plantations managed by H&C were owned by six Indonesian incorporated companies (including Lonsum) and were ultimately bought over by H&C.

In 1989, in order to gain better management control and to simplify the ownership structure of its Indonesian plantation business, H&C decided to merge the six separate companies into one company. The restructuring was undertaken over a three year period and became effective on January1st, 1992. As a result of the restructuring, H&C's plantation interests in Indonesia were owned and operated solely under London Sumatra Indonesia. The other companies, whose operations were merged into Lonsum, have been liquidated.

As of December 2000, Lonsum operates approximately 38,163 hectares planted with oil palm and 15,879 hectares of rubber, with 17 factories and a sizeable landbank still available for further development. Lonsum has one of the highest if not the highest palm oil yields in the industry as a result of our sophisticated research facilities & two Ph.D's.

Lonsum consists of five (5) plantations that are spread across Indonesia with each bringing their own unique qualities of Lonsum product range.

Location Size Products
1. North Sumatera 11 estates Oil palm, Rubber
2. South Sumatera 13 estates Oil palm, Rubber
3. Sulawesi 1 estate Rubber
4. Kalimantan 1 estate Oil Palm
5. Java 2 estates Cocoa, Cofee, Tea


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