London Sumatra (Lonsum)
Indonesian Rubber, Palm and Cocoa Busine$$
Inve$ting in Illegal Logging and Violence

I am curious about Lonsum's involvement in deafforestation of the Island of Sumatra and
the intimidation of Indonesian villagers



Apparentley as a leading oil palm company "PT London Sumatra", with backing from Cadbury's and Deutsche Bank, are currently (June 2004) intimidating a local community which is fighting for the return of their forest lands.

Such actions and reactions are nothing short of terrorism.
Please stop it!

It is understandable that the managment of London Sumatra find it difficult to monitor every detail of it's business and I can only imagine that this is the reason that will be given whilst,
intimidation of local people and destruction of the environment increases and :-

"LONSUM strives to maintain its leadership in research and in the quality of it's products, services and management"

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